Hepatitis B Vaccination ICD-10 DX Code

Code :Description :
A5145Secondary syphilitic hepatitis
B0081Herpesviral hepatitis
B15Acute hepatitis A
B150Hepatitis A with hepatic coma
B159Hepatitis A without hepatic coma
B16Acute hepatitis B
B160Acute hepatitis B with delta-agent with hepatic coma
B161Acute hepatitis B with delta-agent without hepatic coma
B162Acute hepatitis B without delta-agent with hepatic coma
B169Acute hepatitis B without delta-agent and without hepatic coma
B17Other acute viral hepatitis
B170Acute delta-(super) infection of hepatitis B carrier
B171Acute hepatitis C
B1710Acute hepatitis C without hepatic coma
B1711Acute hepatitis C with hepatic coma
B172Acute hepatitis E
B178Other specified acute viral hepatitis
B179Acute viral hepatitis, unspecified
B18Chronic viral hepatitis
B180Chronic viral hepatitis B with delta-agent
B181Chronic viral hepatitis B without delta-agent
B182Chronic viral hepatitis C
B188Other chronic viral hepatitis
B189Chronic viral hepatitis, unspecified
B19Unspecified viral hepatitis
B190Unspecified viral hepatitis with hepatic coma
B191Unspecified viral hepatitis B
B1910Unspecified viral hepatitis B without hepatic coma
B1911Unspecified viral hepatitis B with hepatic coma
B192Unspecified viral hepatitis C
B1920Unspecified viral hepatitis C without hepatic coma
B1921Unspecified viral hepatitis C with hepatic coma
B199Unspecified viral hepatitis without hepatic coma
B251Cytomegaloviral hepatitis
B2681Mumps hepatitis
B581Toxoplasma hepatitis
B942Sequelae of viral hepatitis
C183Malignant neoplasm of hepatic flexure
C22Malignant neoplasm of liver and intrahepatic bile ducts
C221Intrahepatic bile duct carcinoma
C240Malignant neoplasm of extrahepatic bile duct
C787Secondary malignant neoplasm of liver and intrahepatic bile duct
D135Benign neoplasm of extrahepatic bile ducts
E8021Acute intermittent (hepatic) porphyria
K701Alcoholic hepatitis
K7010Alcoholic hepatitis without ascites
K7011Alcoholic hepatitis with ascites
K704Alcoholic hepatic failure
K7040Alcoholic hepatic failure without coma
K7041Alcoholic hepatic failure with coma
K711Toxic liver disease with hepatic necrosis
K7110Toxic liver disease with hepatic necrosis, without coma
K7111Toxic liver disease with hepatic necrosis, with coma
K712Toxic liver disease with acute hepatitis
K713Toxic liver disease with chronic persistent hepatitis
K714Toxic liver disease with chronic lobular hepatitis
K715Toxic liver disease with chronic active hepatitis
K7150Toxic liver disease with chronic active hepatitis without ascites
K7151Toxic liver disease with chronic active hepatitis with ascites
K716Toxic liver disease with hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K72Hepatic failure, not elsewhere classified
K720Acute and subacute hepatic failure
K7200Acute and subacute hepatic failure without coma
K7201Acute and subacute hepatic failure with coma
K721Chronic hepatic failure
K7210Chronic hepatic failure without coma
K7211Chronic hepatic failure with coma
K729Hepatic failure, unspecified
K7290Hepatic failure, unspecified without coma
K7291Hepatic failure, unspecified with coma
K73Chronic hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K730Chronic persistent hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K731Chronic lobular hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K732Chronic active hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K738Other chronic hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K739Chronic hepatitis, unspecified
K740Hepatic fibrosis
K7400Hepatic fibrosis, unspecified
K7401Hepatic fibrosis, early fibrosis
K7402Hepatic fibrosis, advanced fibrosis
K741Hepatic sclerosis
K742Hepatic fibrosis with hepatic sclerosis
K752Nonspecific reactive hepatitis
K753Granulomatous hepatitis, not elsewhere classified
K754Autoimmune hepatitis
K7581Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
K764Peliosis hepatis
K765Hepatic veno-occlusive disease
K9182Postprocedural hepatic failure
O984Viral hepatitis complicating pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
O9841Viral hepatitis complicating pregnancy
O98411Viral hepatitis complicating pregnancy, first trimester
O98412Viral hepatitis complicating pregnancy, second trimester
O98413Viral hepatitis complicating pregnancy, third trimester
O98419Viral hepatitis complicating pregnancy, unspecified trimester
O9842Viral hepatitis complicating childbirth
O9843Viral hepatitis complicating the puerperium
P353Congenital viral hepatitis
Q266Portal vein-hepatic artery fistula
Z205Contact with and (suspected) exposure to viral hepatitis

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