Heat Stress ICD-10 DX Code

Code :Description :
T670Heatstroke and sunstroke
T6701Heatstroke and sunstroke
T6701XAHeatstroke and sunstroke, initial encounter
T6701XDHeatstroke and sunstroke, subsequent encounter
T6701XSHeatstroke and sunstroke, sequela
T6702Exertional heatstroke
T6702XAExertional heatstroke, initial encounter
T6702XDExertional heatstroke, subsequent encounter
T6702XSExertional heatstroke, sequela
T6709Other heatstroke and sunstroke
T6709XAOther heatstroke and sunstroke, initial encounter
T6709XDOther heatstroke and sunstroke, subsequent encounter
T6709XSOther heatstroke and sunstroke, sequela

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