277.03 DX Code

Cystic fibrosis w GI man.

277.03 ICD 9 Diagnosis code meaning is Cystic fibrosis w GI man.

Cystic fibrosis w GI man Related Health Problems :

There are 24 similar dx codes.

277.00 Cystic fibros w/o ileus
277.01 Cystic fibrosis w ileus
277.02 Cystic fibros w pul man
277.03 Cystic fibrosis w GI man
277.09 Cystic fibrosis NEC
277.1 Dis porphyrin metabolism
277.2 Purine/pyrimid dis NEC
277.30 Amyloidosis NOS
277.31 Fam Mediterranean fever
277.39 Amyloidosis NEC
277.4 Dis bilirubin excretion
277.5 Mucopolysaccharidosis
277.6 Defic circul enzyme NEC
277.7 Dysmetabolic syndrome x
277.81 Primary carnitine defncy
277.82 Crnitne def d/t nb met
277.83 Iatrogenic carnitine def
277.84 Sec carnitine defncy NEC
277.85 Disorders acid oxidation
277.86 Peroxisomal disorders
277.87 Dis mitochondrial metab
277.88 Tumor lysis syndrome
277.89 Metabolism disorder NEC
277.9 Metabolism disorder NOS

277.03 Diagnosis Code Reverse Check :

Main Category :Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, and immunity disorders

Sub Category :Other metabolic disorders and immunity disorders

General Form :Other and unspecified disorders of metabolism

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