274.82 DX Code

Gouty tophi site NEC.

274.82 ICD 9 Diagnosis code meaning is Gouty tophi site NEC.

Gouty tophi site NEC Related Health Problems :

There are 11 similar dx codes.

274.00 Gouty arthropathy NOS
274.01 Acute gouty arthropathy
274.02 Chr gouty atrph wo tophi
274.03 Chr gouty atroph w tophi
274.10 Gouty nephropathy NOS
274.11 Uric acid nephrolithias
274.19 Gouty nephropathy NEC
274.81 Gouty tophi of ear
274.82 Gouty tophi site NEC
274.89 Gout w manifestation NEC
274.9 Gout NOS

274.82 Diagnosis Code Reverse Check :

Main Category :Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, and immunity disorders

Sub Category :Other metabolic disorders and immunity disorders

General Form :Gout

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